The story behind Automation Intelligence…

Hello fellow Automaters,

Niroshan Rajadurai here, or ‘Niro’ as I am know in the industry. I am the author of Automation Intelligence, a site where we discuss Software, the challenges in developing it, and exchanging ideas from thought leaders in industry on how we can all achieve high quality software cost effectively.

Let’s face it, we are currently facing record recalls in the automotive industry, medical devices accidentally harming the very patients whose live’s they are supposed to improve, numerous updates to our phones resulting in loss of performance and massive security breaches due to ‘holes’ in systems caused by software bugs. These are all tell tale signs that even the big corporations are struggling to grasp the challenges of building high quality, complex software.

The good news is that in my 25 years in the industry, there are companies that do get it right through disciplined process and high levels of automation. Automation Intelligence talks to Thought Leaders and experts providing YOU, the reader, Golden Nuggets of tips, tricks and concepts that you can introduce back into your organisation!

I’ve helped over 700 companies across the World transform how they build their software, achieving verifiable and provable software quality cost effectively in an automated workflow a.k.a ‘The Software Factory’. These are companies ranging from Automotive, Avionics, Industrial Automation / IoT, Medical Devices, Railway and EVEN consumer appliances (like your beloved coffee machine!).

In my first role as an engineer I had the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds ‘The A-Team’ from Lockheed Martin turning around what is considered one of Australia’s most complex defence projects Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN). The project was plagued with several delays and restarts and a big part of the recovery process was putting in place workflows and concepts which today is commonly referred to as DevOps or Continuous Delivery.

These principles that enabled us to achieve this are no secret, my team and I, a set of industry veterans plan to will show you  how any software project can employ them with minimal cost and effort.