Actionable Intelligence For Software Security

It’s a commonly held belief that applying static analysers alone can help spot and eradicate common security issues. However, with the high number of false positives reported when using static analysis, it makes knowing if you have detected a real error a time-consuming process, and the mitigation plans put in place might have just hidden the error under a false negative. But what are the alternatives?

Dynamic analysis can be used for detecting potential vulnerabilities in today’s embedded environments. And pairing dynamic and static analysis creates ‘actionable intelligence’ for developers, and allows them to quickly ascertain the absence of obvious reliability issues.

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Illuminating System Integration

If you don’t know what your sending and receiving over an interface, then other than through pure luck, or an extended integration phase composed of ‘tiger teams’ and an infinite budget, don’t expect the problem solved quickly. In today’s market, the once simplistic embedded processor with a few interrupts now has every interface conceived to man compressed into a single microchip no bigger than your thumbnail. Without a strategy to attack this problem, the harsh reality is that your project is doomed to fail.

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