To help jump start a Software Engineering Scoreboard approach, here are a listing of metrics for software development teams to consider. Originally developed by Andy Cleff.

The list is intended as a starting point, not an exhaustive inventory. Use the ideas as conversation openers for coming up with things that make sense for your development team.

Process Health Metrics

This category assess day-to-day delivery team activities and evaluates process changes.

  • Cumulative Flow Diagrams
  • Control Charts
  • Percent Complete and Accurate
  • Flow Efficiency
  • Time Blocked per Work Item
  • Blocker Clustering

Release Metrics

This group directs focus on identifying impediments to continuous delivery.

  • Escaped Defects
  • Escaped Defect Resolution Time
  • Release Success Rate
  • Release Time
  • Time Since Last Release
  • Cost Per Release
  • Release Net Promoter Score
  • Release Adoption / Install Rate

Product Development Metrics

These help measure alignment of product features to user needs.

  • Customer / Business Value Delivered
  • Risk Burndown
  • Push / Pull
  • Product Forecast
  • Product Net Promoter Score
  • User Analytics

Technical / Code Metrics

The following help determine quality of implementation and architecture.

  • Test Coverage
  • Build Time
  • Defect Density
  • Code Churn
  • Code Ownership
  • Code Complexity
  • Coding Standards Adherence
  • Crash Rate

People/Team: The Human Elements

This group of metrics reveals issues that impact a team’s sustainable place and level of engagement.

  • Team Happiness / Morale
  • Learning Log
  • Team Tenure
  • Phone-a-Friend Stats
  • Whole Team Contribution
  • Transparency (access to data, access to customers, sharing of learning, successes and failures via sprint reviews)